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The Platte River Parkway provides a central thread through the heart of Casper’s urban area and a rich recreation resource for the region’s citizens and visitors.

The Parkway currently travels almost eleven miles from Paradise Valley Park to the North Casper Soccer Complex at Bryan Stock Trail linking downtown and Casper and many public parks.  The trail offers opportunities for sitting, viewing, and picnicking AND access to the riverbank for fishing, wading, and canoe launching.

There are many elements that make up the Platte River Parkway.  It is a riverfront pedestrian pathway.  It is a link between the river corridor and the surrounding urban areas.  It is a waterway developed for maximum water-oriented recreation use.  Finally, it is a program for cleaning up the riverbed and riverbank for the preservation and enhancement of the habitat along and within the river.

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Platte River Parkway


  • 11 Miles
  • Paved Trail
  • 2-Way Trail
  • Opportunities for Sitting, Viewing, Picnicking and Access to the Riverbank